You Can Take It With You

You can take it with you, especially if you are talking about your data. I have been using my iPad2, GoodReader, and SugarSync and am productive wherever I am. The iPad2, of course is the productivity / entertainment tablet from Apple. GoodReader is an app, and SugarSync is effectively a cloud service. These three together allow you to insure that all the data you create can be available everywhere needed (SugarSync) and that you can read it once its on your iPad2 (GoodReader).

Recipe for success:

1) Start with a free account at SugarSync
2) Download their sync manager software to the PC or MAC you would consider to be hosting your “master data”; this would usually be where data is created and actively managed.
3) Buy the GoodReader app through your iPad2.
4) Using the SugarSync manager flag folders which should be available to devices other than your master.
5) Sync the folders with SugarSync’s cloud. As of this writing, SugarSync provides 5GB free of charge for personal use.
6) Within the GoodReader app, sync with your SugarSync account, choose folders to sync with your iPad2 and wait until the synch is complete.

In a very abbreviated version, that’s all there is to it. This will work without GoodReader, SugarSync provides a free app specifically for the iPad2, but once on the iPad2, depending on the format of the data, you may need other applications to read the file; GoodReader provides the multi-purpose hub for reading most formats. GoodReader also provides a promotional link to SugarSync to make the process even easier if so desired. There are also other sync services which are available, I used SugarSync for illustration since that’s the service I currently use. With the introduction of Apple’s iCloud service, the competition in this space will be fierce. It will be interesting to see which cloud services survive.

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