Would you like to learn something, or just be rescued?

A common theme of any support organization such as Information Technologies: “Would you like to learn something or just be rescued?” Many times the call for help comes from a user who has somehow found themselves in trouble; an undesireable or unpredicted result has occured, something which used to work no longer does, or indeed, something has changed and now the user is unsure how to proceed. An unfortunate but expeditious strategy is to just get the user on the right track, address whatever went wrong and move the business merrily on its way: the rescue. The problem with this is that learning no longer occurs; if everything is being performed by rote, then when something happens that is different, processes fall apart AND people are not in a position to self-correct. Fundamental concepts around sustainability demand that learning be an integral component of all business processes, with people actually understanding what they are doing and why (learning), and not just perfoming a memorized task.

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