With Persistent Connections, Who Needs an Office?

Or asked differently, perhaps mobile capabilities are becoming so good, the office is the mobile device, not a physical space in a building. On one hand, this is not new. There have been true road warriors out there for a long time – mostly individual contributors who spent lots of time “out there” on the road, generally coming into an office occassionally, primarily to catch up on administrative duties more than anything else. The difference now may be in the types of business jobs or roles for which not being physically in an office may make sense. With persistent connections and the ability to productively utilize them, businesses should redefine work more fully along the lines of what needs to be accomplished, rather than where and how it needs to be accomplished, and allow technology the latitude to make it happen. Think about it. What we do in business should always have been and needs to continue to be about accomplishments and value creation. Companies which effectively define and then communicate what needs to be accomplished by their teams will lead the pack, not only in delivering business value, but in using technology to unleash the capabilities of their teams, without requiring them to be in a specific location working specific hours of the day. Mobile capabilities, cloud computing and clear objectives and goals will make this transformation happen.

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