Windows Home Server (Part 2)

A very powerful function associated with Windows Home Server (WHS) recently hit home when I was comparing it to Apple’s Time Capsule. Shared Folder Duplication on WHS takes the concept of backing up your primary PC(s) further by taking advantage of a multi-disk backup system. Using a multi-disk system and WHS, you can specify that data folders be duplicated within the target backup environment. If this is enabled, WHS will insure that folder contents are backuped redundantly on more than one physical drive. The implication is that you will not lose any information in the event of a single drive failure. This can be guaranteed with a more sophisticated RAID environment, but WHS manages the process on a folder by folder basis, so the overhead is directly proportional to the amount of data stored, rather than requiring the usual 4 equivalent disks for every 3 of useable storage ratio. This is a very efficient way to provide even a higher degree of reliability in a backup environment which is not provided for in a single disk solution.

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