Why are our definitions of “done” different?

This is certainly a critical question to ask yourself – and the positive approach to this is “Let’s make sure we all have the same definition for being done”. This is a variation on the theme of success criteria and what does success look like, but really gets more to the heart of each and every individual’s tasks and task assignments. Am I done with a work assigment when I hand you a finished product or when you positively acknowledge that you received the product and that it meets pre-agreed to specifications? Written this way it is clear; but more often than not, this is not the pervasive definition for “being done” within a project or an organization. Getting this understood with incredible clarity will lead to more successful initiatives.

2 thoughts on “Why are our definitions of “done” different?”

  1. Completely agree. It is hard to deliver something that meets expectations (and comes in on/under budget) if both parties have a different understanding of what “done” looks like.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting – hopefully over time, I’ll get enough content here to help people spur some thoughts and ideas. Until then, it’s a good place for me to organize my own thoughts.

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