Think Absolutely!

We all fall into the trap of relative thinking rather frequently. When discussing and planning how to improve, how to reduce costs, or how to improve productivity, the simplest path is to look at relative changes from Point A to Point B. We will investigate how to gain an x% improvement, or how to reduce costs by y amount. Sometimes, this is the only expediant way to improve our day to day situations. What’s missing is how to make the big, innovative leap, the order of magnitude innovation, or the game changing transformation. Relative thinking won’t cut it, we have to think absolutely. We have to take a step sideways and envision what the best possible end-state can be for a given situation. This end-state should be brain-stormed and blue-skyed. The best, most desireable end-state should be described and defined in absolute terms – this is definitely more difficult than progressing in relative terms, but the payback is sensational. If the problem of then implementing the end-state is insurmountable, remember you can probably now get there by chipping away on a relative basis!

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