The Best Technology Requires no Change

I have experienced this time and time again: answering the question of how to increase productivity without changing the way we work. If only it were that simple. Increasing productivity means changing the way we work. The challenge is to make the change as intuitive and as “sticky” as possible. Many of the people I work with and consult with change the way they work and accommodate new technologies. This lasts a day or two, a week or two, or a month or two. Eventually, the change either “sticks” and becomes a habit or the individual reverts back to their original work style, erasing the productivity intent of the technology. Clearly, the more intuitive and natural accommodating the technology is, the easier the change is, leading to fuller adoption of the change. The best technology either makes the change a non-event or makes the productivity gain so apparent, that adoption becomes self-reinforcing.

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