Start Less, Finish More

For the longest time I have been preaching “finish more than you start”. Ok, so this defies logic, but if put in the context of projects, I have restated it to “you can start one project for every two you complete”. Oh wait, this is still problematic. Ok, the real issue here is to insure that the true high priorities for an organization always get the appropriate critical mass of resources and attention. There is a reluctance in business to sometimes say no to projects even if they are lower in priority than some already moving forward. This dilutes focus, creates potential resourcing conflicts, and inevitably moves deliverables for all projects out farther on the calendar. This is unacceptable. If a project has merit, and there is agreement that it is a high priority, staff it for quick success and resist the urge to staff lesser priority projects until the highest priority ones are complete. By not diluting focus, organizations can in fact start less and get more accomplished.

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