Reliability of Mac OS versus Windows (Part 1)

A great deal of attention is being paid to the topic of the relative reliability of Mac OS versus Windows. Actually, from a marketing perspective, the issue is really the relative reliability of a Mac versus a PC. I suppose I had to comment about this sooner or later. I feel well positioned to do this since I am both a MAC and a PC. Both my Macs and my PCs require care and feeding, both require updates and both have errors associated with the performance of everyday tasks. You probably have no doubts about this on the Windows or PC side since Microsoft explicitly announces regular security patching and Apple regularly pokes at Windows’s problems in its marketing campaigns. As for the Apple or Mac side, just do a quick search for Mac OS support forums, and you will see issues upon issues that frustrate users and that impact productivity of those supposed bullet-proof solutions. I just downloaded the third major Mac OS update this year, so I can attest to the fact that even my Macs require some attention.
So what’s the reality? Are Windows PCs endlessly problematic while Apple Macs are flawless? No. The reality is that given the distinct business model differences between Apple and Microsoft and the significant disparity in market share between the two, the level of noise related to Windows in comparison to Mac OS is to be expected.

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