Movies, Music, Apps!

As I had noted in a previous post, it’s intriguing to me that Apple has built a brand new base of content, a repository of applications or apps. As Apple built its Ipod empire through tight integration and management of device and software (ITunes), it enabled the access to its portal and tied its consumers to its product offerings. Of course, the initial offering was music – Apple offered access to other company’s content where the wealth was shared in a defined way between Apple and the owners of the music catalog. Then came movies and television, and again Apple was peddling someone else’s content by virtue of a powerful portal tied to its consumption device, the Ipod. Now, through transformation of the device itself – IPod to Iphone and Ipod Touch – Apple finally owns the third leg completely, and it is the application catalog. Yes, these royalties are shared with individual contributors and developers, but this content is Apple’s, not Warner Bros’s or Disney’s or EMI’s. Perhaps that was the plan all along, starting with access to other peoples content, create demand and a target audience, then develop your own content to solidify the profitability. Music, then movies, then Apps!

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