Kodak First, Is the Camera Next?

What to learn, what to learn? With Kodak’s bankruptcy filing, a large number of articles have been written about the root cause of Kodak’s failure – the failure to embrace a fundamental change in the photographic market from analog (film) to digital (jpg). What is more very interesting and imminent, is the demise of a large number of other industries whose fundamentals lie in niche areas that are now being encroached on by general purpose devices. Take a general purpose tablet computing device; add a GPS chip, a 3-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer, a forward and rear facing lens and some unifying software (all in an Apple iPad) and hundreds of other niche devices can become obsolete. With an 8 megapixel camera in everyone’s tablet or smartphone, why buy a point and shoot camera? With a GPS chip in every tablet, why buy a special purpose navigation device? With the ability to take HD video, why buy a video camera? With near field communication (not yet in an Apple iPad), wallets become obsolete since credit cards are not needed and cash will truly become inconvenient. What to learn, what to learn? If your industry can become cannibalized by the inclusion of a $5 solid state chip in a general purpose tablet (and some very clever software), get out in front of that curve now.

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