Kingston Data Traveler Vault – USB Drive

One of the easiest ways “to take it with you” wherever you go is to keep data on a USB drive. The convenience of being able to move multiple gigabytes of data on a small, portable device such as a USB drive is hard to resist. The problem is one of security. Usually, people move large amounts of data off of a PC where there may be some security (some, not a great deal, but some) to a USB drive with NO security. And the USB drive is easy to move and lose to boot!
One of the best innovations in this area has been delivered by Kingston, among others. The Data Traveler Vault forces a hardware level encryption, forces a complex password and destroys data after 10 unsuccessful password attempts to open the USB drive. And it’s waterproof! The value here is enormous; by having hardware encryption, the transfer between PC and USB drive is extremely fast, and the likelihood of data reaching the wrong hands is significantly reduced if not eliminated. This is an invaluable tool in any productivity arsenal.

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