It’s Still the Apps!

Having used the Apple Ipod Touch, Apple IPhone, and multiple Blackberry devices, most recently the Blackberry Bold, it is clear to me that the value of the device continues to be directly related to the value of the apps, the applications. The paradigm has simply shifted from the desktop PC to the smartphone PC. The user interface is one thing, with the Apple touch technology head and shoulders above the competition, but it is the access to and ease of use of functional applications which makes the big leap in productivity and efficiency. It would be rare to find functionality which would be only unique to one device, most smartphones today have almost identical capabilities. It is the intuitiveness and ease of access which distinguishes the devices. Yes, one can place a major emphasis on user interface as a key differentiator here, but the best possible user interface cannot deliver value if the application being accessed doesn’t very specifically target a user’s need. And this is not a browser issue. The web surfing capabilities of the Apple family provides a superior experience partly due more physical real estate to work with (bigger screen), more intuitive interface (use your fingers) and more robust browser (Safari). But at the end of the day you are not in the browser all that much, you really use application buttons and tailered functions most of the time. If I spend a great deal of time going to a specific web site through the browser and do so repeatedly, my next action is to see if an app is available, and if not, I may try to satisfy my need in some other way, perhaps with a different target web site. This is why my Kindle is more productive than my Sony PRS-505 – the application which is used to search for and acquire books is more efficient on the Kindle. In this way, the Apple App Store is the ultimate Portal. Focus on the apps, optimize those things that are repeatedly required throughout the day, and your users will be productive, efficient and happy.

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