Is Bite Size Technology Better?

As I have written before the power of the iPhone and Apple’s iPhone strategy lies in its Applications (app store). Why is the app model supporting the small form factor Apple iPhone so successful, when all the same capabilities are available on PCs and Macs? It is because in general, technology continues to be complex and the massive content and capabilities associated with the internet overwhelm the casual user. The offering is too big and too complex! There is so much there, the casual user quickly encounters limitations in imagination and capability both. What is desireable is a small slice of functionality whenever we need it, tailored to our needs. Enter the Apple iPhone and the App store – delivering bite sized chunks of just the appropriately targeted solution. Solutions exist that users never knew they needed, because they couldn’t articulate a need. The Apple model presents all the capabilities in a straightforward, thinly sliced way, the user convinces themselves of the utility of the solution, and with a few clicks, their lives are perceived to be more productive or enriched in some way. The complexity of the internet tamed into bite sized chunks of solutions.

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