iPod Touch

Yes, on top of everything I carry around I have an iPod Touch. Two questions should be asked here: 1) Is owning an iPod a necessary part of belonging to a community today?, and 2) Is owning an iPhone a necessary part of belonging to a community today? Of course, the quick responses are no and no. But there are some subtleties. When podcasts are a commonplace occurance, when solutions are specifically designed and implemented for the iPod product line (App Store), and when your car’s stereo provides integration for the devices, one questions whether or not the iPod line has become a requirement of daily living.
The Touch then is a good way to supplement capabilities without the need for investing in two phones if your smartphone needs are addressed in some other way – in my case through a robust implmentation of Blackberry Enterprise Services within a corporate environment. My email, contacts, notes and the like are all fully and capably supported through a Blackberry device, eliminating the need for an iPhone, but not eliminating the “want” of an iPod. The Touch, within an environment where wi-fi is available, gives most of the user experience and capabilities that an iPhone provides, save for the obvious lack of a phone. Using the device in this way allows for access to any unique iPhone experiences without the “baggage” of an extra phone bill.

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