iPhone Desperate for Mifi

The market is begging for portable, personal hot spots such as those created by the Sprint Mifi 2200 imbedded in a smartphone. Consider the January 27, 2010 introduction of the Apple iPad. This device, primarily an Ipod Touch in a bigger form factor, comes in two flavors: with and without 3G. Both flavors come with wifi, though. Consider the dilemma of the current iPhone owner who buys the iPad. To buy the iPad with 3G implies buying another data plan from a mobile service provider. This leaves the owner with two devices, the iPhone and the iPad, with potentially two data plans, maybe even two unlimited data plans. Over time, the iPhone becomes primarily relegated to more mundane, small screen, smartphone tasks, while the iPad grows in capabilities and use, capitalizing on the larger screen real estate. The unlimited data plans are not used concurrently, and the iPhone data plan diminishes in value to the user. What is really needed, is mifi embedded in the iPhone to allow for the data plan to be shared with up to 5 wifi devices concurrently. The smartphone will more than likely be the device always attached to a user’s hip or buried in a purse – embedding mifi capabilities in the smartphone will drive user productivity and efficiency and drive significant market change. Which mobile provider will step up to this obvious innovation – or when will Apple do it?

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