iPhone Desperate for Mifi, Sprint EVO 4G Delivers

A value adding feature highlighted as lacking in the iPhone in a January, 2010 post, is now being delivered by Sprint in an Android based phone manufactured by HTC, the EVO 4G. The feature is the ability for the phone to function as a wifi hotspot for multiple devices (the spec says eight) in addition to doing most smart-phone functions. The value of this to the consumer is obvious, pay for 1 data plan, and use it for all the devices which may require it. This is contrary to the iPhone / iPad / AT&T strategy which, at the time of this writing, requires the acquisition of separate data plans for each device. The Sprint plan does require an upcharge for the phone to function as a hot-spot, but at least the capabilitiy is being pushed. Battery limitations aside, this has to be the wave of the future, with mutiple data plans and hardware converging into one – for the convenience and benefit of the consumer.

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