iPad Best for Consume and React

Having used my Apple iPad since its release, I am getting a keen sense of what it is best suited for. There have been many articles concerning whether or not the iPad will replace PCs and/or Netbooks in business and personal use. The better question may be which aspects of your connected technology driven workday are best suited to this new form factor. The short answer: “The iPad is ideal for consumers of information, with the added ability to react to and respond to information and information needs in basic ways.” Said another way, if your primary use of PC technology today is constant and extensive creation of information, the use of an iPad will be a drain on productivity. Even though there is very little that cannot be done on an iPad, the form factor, processing speed and inherent architecture will by its nature provide less productivity for the content creator than a PC.
Another way to describe this is to focus on the time interval of use. Information consumption can be done in 5 minute intervals every hour and can involve consuming internet based information and reacting to emails, messages and content from other parties. For this, the iPad is ideal. Information creation, on the other hand, may require hour of work, multiple reference documents accessible simultaneously, easy and seamless navigation between document types, and perhaps even more visual real estate supporting mutiple windows and ease of information aggregation. For this, a PC or Mac is ideal and provide an order of magnitude more productivity than an iPad.
The intersting thing in a corporate environment, is that the population may actually inculde 90% consumers of information and 10% creators, so for knowledge workers, an iPad deployment may ultimately make sense.

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