Internet Search Leads to Distraction

With the latest news of a Microsoft / Yahoo partnership, the battle for content management continues. Or rather, it is the battle for how you gain access to the content. The content, for the most part, is free and accessible to all – that’s the beauty of the internet model of sharing and collaborating. A search engine is the best way to present to a user what they are trying to find (actually what they asked to find) and what you would like them to see. The “distraction”, if you will, is what you see out of the corner of your eye when search results pop up – maybe this would interest you, maybe that would. It is all just a click away. Discipline will keep the searcher on their desired path, most will stray. This continues to be the battle for attention span, the battle for slices of a 24 hour day which continues to move online from more traditional sources such as television, magazines and newspapers. Search only ceases to have relevance when the user has found and bookmarked everything they ever wanted to know – so never.

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