If You Can Put It in an Automated Report, You Don’t Need It!

If You Can Put It in an Automated Report, You Don’t Need It! OK, this is subtle, but the point is powerful. As an organizational leader, it is imperative to be constantly moving a team or initiative or idea forward. Also, as a leader, you are presumably capable of doing this better than anyone else who could be given the responsibility. Now, I have to pause to differentiate between someone who has only day-to-day operational responsibilities and someone who has more strategic responsibilities. For the operator, the day IS consumed with metrics and measurements and presumably credibility is gained or lost based on achievement of these service levels. These should all be very systemitized, the very core of something being operational is that it is measured and reported against. To move beyond the operational, to the strategic, means to innovate on a continual basis. Innovation comes from insight, translation of insight into action and implementing change to achieve the desired result. NONE of this comes from a report.

COROLLARY: If you can systemitize something, do it, delegate it, train it and move on to the next thing that you can’t (yet) learn from a report!

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