If only my phone would do that!

There are new offerings from both Sprint and Verizon being billed as MiFi. This capability creates a wireless hub for networking and sharing one 3G access point with up to 5 devices through the devices’ respective wireless interfaces. So if I have, for instance, an iPod Touch, a laptop and a wireless enabled camera, I can share internet access for all three through this one device. *** As a side note, this really makes the iPod Touch equivalent to the iPhone in most respects save for the obvious lack of a phone, but if you can be wireless everywhere, the Touch will function everywhere. *** I could also use it to create an ad-hoc network anywhere coverage is provided by the respective vendors for up to 5 PCs with wireless capabilities. Prior to this, I would have to have 5 PC based cards with 5 data plans to enable the same capability. Now, of course, the bandwidth is shared, so 5 devices sharing one link is not the same as 5 PCs with their own connections, but, for ad-hoc use, it is an extremely cost effective way to get multiple devices to the internet. The real breakthrough will be when your cell phone can do this, eliminating the need for the extra device. Then, the network connection will be a device seperate from your phone and everything can connect to the internet through it. That will be a killer product!

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