HP’s Acquisition of Palm

Chalk one up for the need to truly integrate, control and manage all aspects of software and hardware. The only way to guarantee the experience your users will have is to manage all the variables associated with delivering solutions. (see previous post) In the case of HP’s acquisition of Palm, Web OS is the key. HP is acknowledging that the best way to compete for user loyalty is to guarantee a user’s overall experience. The best demonstrated example of this is Apple, with its integrated Mac and Mac OS solutions and iPhone and iPhone OS solutions. With Palm’s Web OS, HP will have the ability to develop, manufacture and sell a user experience which it might not be able to deliver with its previous model of marrying its hardware with someone else’s software. The turn-key solution is becoming more and more of a reality and that’s good for reliability. It will be interesting to see if the overall application eco-system ends up being the final determiner of a platform’s success or not. Will HP’s acquisition ultimately hinge on its ability to create a universe of applications for Web OS, much the same way Apple has created a solution eco-system for its iPhone OS?

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