How to Write Better Tweets

I just read an article with the above title in a magazine focused at IT executives; I think that if your paraphrase the subject as: “How to communicate an effective message with few words” or “How to get to the point”, the article would have addressed a broader audience. Tweeting does present an interesting challange, how to provide meaningful communication in 140 characters or less. Assumption: twitter posts can be meaningful. If you don’t buy that, skip the rest. If you do buy that tweets can be relevant and meaningful, it has probably already embedded the concept of a context. One cannot be relevant in 140 characters or less unless the context is already understood. To a certain extent, when you choose to follow someone on Twitter, you are self-selecting a context within which you will be reading and interpreting posts. Some of the tips from the article: take your time, headlines matter and learn from past tweets. The “take your time” I disagree with, there absolutely is a spontaneity to tweets that goes along with this medium – I prefer to suggest that you write what you want to say as precisely as possible, then reread the tweet before sending to insure it accurately reflects your meaning. Noone can argue with “headlines matter” since this should be a 5 word distillation of the 140 caharacter distillation of the overall meaning of the message. As for “learn from past tweets”, how does one do this?

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