Google OS

This Information Technology stuff is interesting isn’t it? When you consider that infrastructure takes time and money and that impacting and changing the way people work takes even more time and money, decisions made today continue to have broad reaching implications. It used to be paper or plastic, today it’s Microsoft or Google. What a fascinating decision point. With Google announcing an operating system option for netbooks, I have realized an interesting distinction. Microsoft is about enabling applications and system integration on the desktop and the data center – Google is about enabling content and integration between an individual and the cloud. If corporate information technology groups can let go of the data center and treat the cloud as the source of their information management services or utilities, the investment paradigm will truly shift – unfortunately, I don’t think there is a service level guarantee today which eliminates the need for a parallel investment. Show me a data center that solely relies on a public electric utility without investing in a battery backup and a generator, and I’ll show you a foolishly confident IT leader and soon to be unemployed one. How do you then let go of the infrastructure and allow Google to house your content and provide the access to it?

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