Google OS (Part 2)

I for one am interested in finding out the best way to tap the power of the cloud, now that an integrated solution is being presented in the form of Google’s OS. After all, that’s the value proposition. Presumably, the Google OS will optimize the user’s experience with interacting with content not resident on the netbook (and never to be resident on the netbook), make it easy to find, access, modify and re-post for future use, access and sharing. All this capability will be very cheap to provide and enable (force) the user to share, or at least publish where things are generally easier to share when controlled by centrally administered policies. Now this isn’t anything that can’t currently be provided by a corporate data center with all things web-enabled – but starting with this intact is much easier than trying to convert your way to it. The challenge then becomes development of the roadmap, the cascade of functionality and capabilities which allows the systematic and seamless conversion to this environment without process disruption. Indeed, now the challenge may be how to integrate the multiple and disparate Software as a Service offerings a company may be utilizing – from ERP, to Human Resource systems, to Business Planning to email. Then the challenge will be to deliver guaranteed sub-second response times where required between multiple components, because cheap without performance is not cost-effective for anything mission-critical.

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