Exploit Organizational Credibility!

A tremendous organizational time saver is an appropriate combination of common sense and trust. Repeatedly, managers and peers delve outside their functional or technical areas where there own expertise is either suspect or non-existent, in order to explore options, alternatives, and other approaches which they assume the “owner” of the area hasn’t explored fully. This IS appropriate if 1) there is no established track record of knowledge or expertise, 2) the area is new for everyone, 3) you just want to slow things down!

The value of working with people you know and with whom you have established mutual credibility is speed and confidence in direction setting and decision making. Once credibility is established, take advantage of it as an organizational asset leading to speed, risk mitigation AND respect. Once credibility has been established, NEVER second guess each others’ areas of expertise and you’ll deliver results faster and more efficiently than other, less established, less trust based organizations. If you can’t trust the expertise of individuals in an organization, train them and bring them up to speed, or fire them and move on.

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