Don’t Focus on the Cloud, Incorporate it!

In the world of technology strategy swings, the cloud and cloud computing offer the next opportunities for going overboard. The same way outsourcing created an extraordinary rush to outsource, sometimes regardless of business value, cloud computing provides the same risks and potential downsides if not approached appropriately and carefully. The use of cloud computing capabilities needs to be added as yet another capability to a full inventory of approaches and evaluated as an option, not as a foregone conclusion.

The challenges of buzz words which permeate first technology, then business and finally general news outlets leads to expectations of the good things associated with the next new thing. With cloud computing hitting the airwaves extensively, the push to embrace the approach becomes the foregone conclusion, rather than another logical option to consider. Technical architecture and its underlying capabilities have long been critical to the strategic delivery of information tools and capabilities in the IT world. Evaluating and incorporating cloud computing capabilities as an appropriate component of an overall architecture makes tremendous sense. Piloting and adding mechanisms by which your team can become knowledgeable about the capabilities makes sense as well. Finally, creating the appropriate financial modeling to assess tradeoffs between internal and cloud investments makes good business sense.

Lastly, don’t miss a critical component of the overall decision life cycle while evaluating cloud options. Always know what potential investments may be needed from a product life cycle perspective and insure that evaluations into options get out in front from a timing perspective.

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