Do You Kindle? (Part 2)

As far as PDF support is concerned, the Kindle 2 (the designation for the 2nd generation Kindle) still doesn’t deliver the user friendly use and manipulation of the format. Amazon’s own documentation refers to PDF conversion as an experimental process, with the disclaimer that some PDFs’ fixed formats will not convert correctly, and therefore not render correctly on the Kindle’s screen. I can attest that this device, while doing a superlative job on ebooks, still does not deliver on the potential as an all-purpose document reader (which the Kindle doesn’t claim to be – I just hoped it would be).

The process of sending a PDF to the Kindle is still wonderfully wireless – you email the PDF to the Kindle’s address and (after a small fee) and a short time, a converted document is accessible on the Kindle. If you wish to bypass the fee, Amazon will allow you to effectively email the PDF as an attachment to your own PC (a “free” Kindle address) and then receive the attachment as a PDF converted to an .AZW which can then be moved to a Kindle attached through a USB port.

Again, the hope that the Kindle would be a repository for most of my reading falls short when I move past simple text documents and ebooks. I assume that’s why Amazon has already announced (and I have already pre-ordered) the Kindle DX.

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