Connect Book – Netbooks should be ConnectBooks

Productivity in a portable device such as a smartphone, laptop or netbook is dependent on being able to perform required professional or personal tasks while away from a conventional workspace. There are plenty of disappointed people who invest in portable or mobile technology assuming a certain level of performance, only to realize that their productivity hasn’t increased. Usually, its because of a failure to usably connect a device with data and applications remote from the device. That’s the point of a netbook – by definition a netbook doesn’t have major applications or data resident on the device, it provides the ability to connect with and use applications and data resident elsewhere. The connection usually implies wireless connectivity to the internet or solutions through the internet. The usability implies a screen size, resolution, keyboard, mouse and battery life which provides for productivity away from a base of operations. Without these, the device will not enhance productivity, with it, it’s a “Connectbook”.

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