Collaboration and Community in the Workplace

It’s unfortunate, but it continues to be easier and easier to participate in virtual communities outside the workplace than inside the workplace. Why is this unfortunate? It’s unfortunate because there is an escalating value loss when members of our business teams can identify more strongly with affiliations outside of work than inside. Granted, identity, affiliation and value systems have always and will always identify with certain groups first: family, church, school, local community. What is happening is that the work team affiliation continues to march down the value chain rather staying constant or moving up. Why is that? It is because incremental connections and virtual communities and interest groups continue to be easier to “join” and “partipate in” outside of the workplace. This implies that focus, time and effort continue to be divied up across possibly broader set of groups, with participation, interest and focus in the workplace being diluted. What would the productivity gain be if social networks were integrated with the workplace to pool interests, enhance content, trade ideas and move initiatives in connection with company goals and objectives?

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