Bridge the Gap – Ipod and Mac

With so many blog posts speculating about the potential for an upcoming Apple tablet, an extremely strategic possibility has become evident. Apple has done a masterful job exploiting the smartphone niche and enabling a parallel path with the Ipod Touch. Both devices have their success married to a tight integration with applications (the ITunes App Store) – the ability to relatively cheaply address a myriad of everyday productivity issues and opportunities by downloading and carrying around a helpful app. This model exists to a limited degree in the Mac OS X interface, through the use of widgets. The non-portable device app model has always been one of full robust functionality paired with more investment. SAP and Oracle – millions, specialty team and department apps – thousands, office and niche apps – hundreds. The Iphone and Touch have introduced the viability of the $2 application, and now what’s left is to bridge the application gap between the very portable and not so portable device families. So what do we have? An updated version of Mac OS being released in September – a release that by Apple’s accounts adds more functionality, makes all key features run much more efficiently and takes less space on a device’s hard drive. If I were rolling out an ultra portable device, wanted to create a seamless path from Iphone to my most powerful Mac, I would absolutely champion a project to make my key operating system implementable on a scaled down device. I am not surprised to see the timing of the next Mac operating system release in anticipation to a scaled down device which will take full advantage of it – the Macbook Touch.

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