Blackberry vs Iphone vs…

The Blackberry versus Iphone debate is a good one if all other things are equal! There have been so many head to head comparisons between these two tools that I won’t go there. What’s more interesting to me is that both devices (and a slew of others which should be lumped in with these two) draw their inherent value from the content they deliver and the ease with which the content is used and managed. To be more specific, if the content we are discussing is free-form and simple internet access for both business and pleasure, the Iphone wins. If the content is corporate centric email (especially Lotus Notes), contacts and attachments for which there are policies in place for governance and use, the Blackberry wins. These two simple examples, multiplied across a myriad of feature sets and capabilities shows how complex the debate can be, and also how simple the answer can be. Optimize integration with the most critical content and everything else will (probably) be satisfactorily delivered as well. The value is in the content delivered, not in the device. Another way to look at this is using an ERP mentality – optimize those things you do repetitively (1,000s of times) a day (or hour or minute), and the rest will be acceptably implemented.

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