AT&T Data Plan for Apple iPad

Prepare for the hand-me-down iPad! By eliminating a long term data contract for the iPad, Apple has tapped the repeat business potential of the early adopter. Certain products will always attract early adoption due to their very nature, and the iPad is a very visible example of this.
When Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, followed by a price decrease 3 or 4 months later, followed by a new model one year later, early adopters felt two sets of pain. The first, the rapid price decline associated with technology, is something everyone should be very aware of and is the price of early admission to the technology party. The other pain, being locked into “old” technology for two years due to a voice and data contract, created a penaltly for early adopters which effectively delayed some of their personal technology refreshes. With the iPad, without the need of a long term data plan, if Apple chooses to release new iPad models every 6-18 months, it can probably count on a consistent subset of early adopters stepping up and purchasing the latest and greatest as long as some meaningful feature / function improvement is also delivered. Without a long term contractual commitment, hand-me-down iPads (those older, less desireable iPads) will become a very normal occurence and will add considerable numbers to the overall iPad population. Given the potential rate of technology change in this space, the youngest child in a large family will probably still get a hand-me-down iPad in better shape than the hand-me-down sweaters we were all used to.

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